Diving courses

We train in the PSAI, DAN, HSA system. We organize diving courses at each level. We teach not only how to dive but how to dive safely, without hurting anybody, including yourself.
And although not everyone can be taught how to dive, everyone can at least try it in safe conditions.
For all those “novices” and all those who “would like to but are afraid” we have a Discovery program – the best way to try diving for the very first time. Discovery offers individual diving with a personal instructor, with no stress or arduous training process.
Discover for yourself how wonderful the underwater world is! But be prepared – Discovery is only the beginning…

The basic Open Water Sport Diver PSAI course will allow you to acquire the minimum knowledge, skills and credentials, needed to fully enjoy diving. It will allow you to enter the underwater paradise…
Fortunately, we also provide numerous training courses at higher levels, including the diving instructor’s ones.

PSAI system trainings

Price in EUR

 Scuba Experience  140,00
 Scuba Diver/Junior Scuba Diver  350,00
 Open Water Sport Diver/Junior Open Water Sport Diver  460,00
 Open Water Sport Diver -VIP  580,00
 Advanced Sport Diver  ( 4 x specjal courses)  
Nitrox Basic  250,00
 Rescue Diver   350,00
 Basic Sidemount   350,00
 Adv Deco EAN + ABC fundamental( 45m)  550,00 + gas
 Extended Range EAN ( 55m)  550,00 + gas
Narcosis Managment I  200,00
 Narcosis Managment I ....IV  400,00

 Additional courses:
- wrack diving,compass diving, night diving, dry suit diving, rescue DAN, nitrox....



Basic Diver course requirements: 10 years of age, GP doctor’s statement about general health conditions, approval of a parent or a legal guardian for children under 18;
This course will provide your kids with unforgettable experience. In order to provide maximum safety, the diving depth is limited to a few meters and is always adjusted to meet individual physical, age and skill conditions of the participants.

Requirements for other courses in compliance with the PSAI training program.
A specialist - diving doctor’s visit is needed in order to confirm non-existence of any contraindications for taking up this sport.

Basic Diver and OWSD PSAI courses prices include full equipment rental, theoretical and practical classes, air tanks refill and, depending on the course, trips to the diving locations.
After successful completion of the course a certificate issue fee of 70 EUR will be charged.

OWSD PSAI courses start Sunday morning (May till October) and last one week (or… until successful)

For those more advanced we organize skill-improving courses: nitrox, decompession nitrox, technical nitrox, shipwrecks and caves, dry-suit diving, group guide, orienteering and many other.
Times of Rescue, Divemaster and additional courses to be scheduled on individual basis.

We also strongly recommend insurance coverage for extreme sports.