Diving tourism

In the vicinity of our base you can find a number of diving spots at various difficulty levels:

  • - underwater islands
  • - walls and precipices
  • - shipwrecks and amphora remains
  • - a gorgeous cavern

But the topography is not the only crucial factor; what is even more important is the variety of the underwater life and emotions, which it provides for us. Another attraction is the chance to admire a beautiful coast of Dalmatia, seen from the boat, during everyday diving trips.



 Package of 10 dives  250,00
Package of 6 dives  160,00
Dive in the bay  10,00
 Discovery Diving - 1 dive
- 3 dives
Intro diving on boat  60,00
1 day on boat ( 2 dive)  60,00
Check dive z instruktorem   40,00
Night dive  +10,00
Wreck / cave dive  +5,00/+10,00
 Jacket  7,00/day
 Wet suit  7,00/day
ABC -mask, fins, snorkel  7,00/day
 Regulator  7,00/day
Tank and ballast *  7,00/day
all equipment dive  25,00/day
Scooter DPV  25,00/day
Computer  10,00/day
 Twinset 2 x 12l  15,00/day
 Stage 11,1 l  10,00/day +gas
EAN32 or EAN36  0,8/1 l tank
> 40% EAN  1,5/1 l tank
Extra tanks refill 0,50/litr
* - free of charge if you buy a dive package